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Creative Funk

Posted 19.05.21

Recently, I was asked how I solve that frustrating feeling called a creative block. Whether due to personal reasons, a mental fog or feeling overwhelmed, it seems to be a recurring problem that creative people of all disciplines wrestle with.

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A group of us sat around, sharing strategies on getting unstuck. Organizing our work (place), taking a break in nature and losing that judgmental voice are all valid ideas. But in practical terms, we all agreed that talking with a valued 3rd party is the most effective and gratifying way to move forward. A simple conversation with a colleague or mentor can be priceless, and not only get us out of our creative funk but add new insight to our work.

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However, artists and creative freelancers work notoriously isolated, often left to motivate and problem solve by themselves. In short, there isn’t always someone around to bounce ideas of off. A practice that has helped me, is working on multiple assignments at the same time. Mixing complex, longterm projects, which take up a lot of time and thought, and combining those with one or two more intuitive and spontaneous ideas. When stuck, I put one project aside and work on another. In my experience, a different solution or approach finds me quick enough.

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The images in this post are from a quick project I started while feeling rather defeated after the endless rut of COVID. I switched my focus by deconstructing a pair of old Adidas sneakers. Playing with the pattern pieces got me an unpredictable result. The 30+ hours of embroidery, allowed me to daydream and consider other designs. And of course, I now have a pair of unique summer mules.

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