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Deep into Denim

Posted 22.07.21

My workspace is a beautiful, blue mess at the moment. The floor, shelves and cutting table are covered in old, discarded jeans. Four pairs came out of my cupboard. The rest donated by a handful of kind family members. The goal being, to repurpose this very popular clothing item into unique footwear. ‘Unique’ being the main challenge here.

0 IMG_8983.jpg

Jeans are the one fabric that has crossed all borders, social classes and generations. And as a shoe designer I really want to transform them into a one of a kind pair of boots. So in this project I am taking a lot of time to do material exploration. I have made more samples and done more tests than on any other previous project. Basically I am ankle deep into denim research.

0 IMG_8773.jpg
0 IMG_8938.jpg

With the aim to create unusual details and textures, my studio currently looks like a small laboratory of distressed, manipulated and transformed jeans. Cut up, quilted, woven and colored. Luckily, playing with materials is one of my favorite design games.
Come see the result here: Royal Clash part 1 and Royal Clash part 2. I’m curious what you think of its final appearance and if you see all the techniques.

0 IMG_3813.jpg
0 IMG_8990.jpg

Finally, a tip for safeguarding jeans: When denim is exposed to heat, it breaks down the elastic fibers, killing its bounce-back factor. So avoid putting your jeans in the dryer to keep them nice and snug.

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