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Posted 31.01.21

Most of my time is spend designing and creating conceptual footwear. However I do love a good fashion shoe. And occasionally I need to set some time aside to put a design on paper. 

Shoe collection illustration with geometric heel

For me the ideal fashion shoe is one that women can dance in all night. Enough evenings are cut short because our feet are on fire. However, I have a real soft spot for those beautiful, alluring stiletto heels. Putting on a pair is like a transformation. You are not only physically elevated, but it coincides with an empowered state of mind. The impact of a good heel is truly unparalleled to any other object in our wardrobe.

Shoe illustration of strapped stilleto heel
Black and white footwear illustration

Occasionally I sketch out a design as a short study, considering the mood and attitude of the shoe, I enjoy the spontaneous process of designing an object I feel strongly about. After all, even if they are not ideal to dance in all night, they are perfect for a sit down dinner.

Shoe illustration of orange and blue stilleto heel
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