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Handwork is

the best work

Posted 17.02.21

Training in the classic methodology of shoemaking gave me a creative alternative to fast fashion. To personalise a product and inject it with the care of tailoring. 

shoe lasts and making process of zebra printed leather

When I initially debated my career switch to footwear design, I questioned whether or not to get into the craft of shoemaking. I had after all studied and worked in design and was considering if a design on paper wasn’t enough to get me where I hoped to go. 

Pattern making for zebra print upper
the lasting of a shoe

However, knowledge of the entire process felt important. To be able to transfer a two dimensional thought into a three dimensional object and to talk to people in the industry on equal footing seemed essential. Plus I really missed working with my hands. 

The lasting of a shoe
10 cm high heel last with zebra print upper

In my projects now, I own and execute the entire process. From concept and design to making fully functioning footwear. Equipping myself with this craft gave me not just confidence and resolution in my work, but also much earned respect for all the artisans who are deeply committed to the shoemaking process. So let’s pay homage to handwork. 

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