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Shoe Art What?

Posted 07.04.21

Since I started my footwear journey it has been really intriguing to hear how people of all ages and gender feel very strongly about what they put on their feet.


As an object we all intimately interact with on a daily bases, everyone has experiences and opinions to share. So when I tell people I am a shoe designer, I generally get many follow-up questions. "What kind of shoes do I design? For what company? And can one make a living as a shoe designer?" This is the moment where most raise an eyebrow.

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Explaining to people that my designs are not necessarily for wearing, but instead they are more like a piece of art, is fascinating. Some are skeptical or lose interest all together, others are curious but unconvinced. Shoe art? What on Earth is shoe art? A painting on the wall is art, as is that lovely sculpture in the garden. But what is the point of a pair of shoes as art?

0 IMG_1198.jpg

I have to admit, it is a distinct little niche and an interesting turn in my professional life. Taking up footwear was self-evident, but tailoring this to conceptual shoe design, or shoe art, was a less obvious leap. So what is the point? To me it feels like opportunity.  A means to communicate issues important to me, through an object that you and I have such strong associations with. It’s not about designing the most beautiful shoe, trends or profit margins. It’s not even about a client or end user. It’s about a set of opinions colliding with the human body through the means of footwear.

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