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Three times a pattern

They say ‘once is chance, twice is coincidence, three is a pattern’. In my design process  it often becomes clear that I need to present an idea, not in a single shoe, but as a body of work.

Making process of conceptual footwear

Posted 04.03.21

In the Diana series for example, I didn’t set out to make a three piece collection. But the complexity of the story seemed to require multiple ‘acts’ to be told to my satisfaction. Putting too many ideas in one pair would have felt crowded and taken away from the aesthetics I was looking for. 

last adjustments for conceptual footwear
0 7 project1.jpg

In this collection the historical timeline plays an important role, feeling very much like a beginning, middle and end. But there can be many reasons to choose to create a series over a single pair. For example, in a series you can show design innovation or material treatment. In many ways it is a personal preference to dig into a topic more deeply. 

0 IMG_9416.jpg
0 D2a copy.jpg

And if a mini collection has the ability to show the intricacies behind an idea, than three pairs seem to be the magical number. To see the final design, have a look at Diana 1977,  Diana 1981 and Diana 1997.

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