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Posted 21.03.22

“Born out of the desire to bring together a creative community based on shared values.” Hélène Mulder, founder of Creators Chambers, invited me to join through a beautifully made visual story.


With a lot of care and insight, Hélène produces short films, photography and articles about a wide range of artists and artisans, their work and their background. It was a wonderful experience collaborating with her on a story about my work as a shoe artist and maker. 

Underneath is her beautiful short film and an extract of our conversation. The complete interview is available on

"In my Industrial Design studies we paid a lot of attention to objects which are connected to the body because they need an extra level of care, extra design sensitivity. Shoes are a great medium, they are complex puzzles and have such a strong cultural context. Everyone has experiences with shoes, everyone has an opinion about it. They tell us so much about our time, place, the way we feel. Shoe design allows me to express my thoughts and ideas about the world in a very concrete way."

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