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On & Beyond,
A Glimpse

Posted 19.11.21

A month ago the ‘On & Beyond’ boot exhibition opened in Holon, Israel. It was such a pleasure to see my work on display, surrounded by wonderful artists and designers, all passionate about footwear.


If you too have some what of a shoe fetish or you are looking for some fashion inspiration, I recommend to join us on Friday November 26th at 09.30. There will be a guided tour of the exhibition, explaining the works presented in the gallery.

IMG_6496 2.jpg

A number of my projects are showing. The Rallying Cry series; a mini collection of 3 pairs of boots, based on the galosh and its long history of protecting our footwear. Feeling inspired by the still relevant Me Too movement,  I wanted to celebrate female empowerment through the beautiful and expressive art of the African mask.

b85d97f5-bfca-4ff5-aebd-db28c60f65ab 2.jpg

Also showing is part of the Diana Series, which is beautifully placed next to its historical reference. This project, inspired by the story of Princess Diana, talks about the often impossible position of those we put on a pedestal.


I hope to see you all next Friday!

2021 12 Igallery tour 1.jpg
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