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Many thanks for the following recognition

Participant | Exhibition: Uncommon Treads By SCORE

December 2022

Virtual fiber and weaving art exhibition by California based SCORE, showing the Royal Clash boots.

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Feature | Page A Day Shoe Calendar 2022

July 2022

A double feature in the beautiful 2022 day-to-day footwear calendar, created by Virtual Shoe Museum and Workmans Publishing.


Participant | Footwear Exhibition: On & Beyond

October 2021

Commissioned work for a 2021 footwear exhibition in The Farm Gallery, Israel. Showing both the Rallying Cry series and the Diana 1981 shoe. 

2021 12 Igallery tour 1.jpg

Feature | Beijing Design Magazine

July 2009

A full page feature in Beijing Design Magazine, China.

Shoe Project 3A.jpg

Participant | Exhibition: Art In The Time Of Corona by Dabster Art Gallery

September 2022

This unprecedented three year online project by the LA based gallery, records and exhibits defining artworks created during a time civil uncertainty.


Winner & Honorable Mention | Global Footwear Awards 2021

February 2022

GFA winner and honorable mention in category Artistic Footwear.

DSC_0102_1 GFA_a.jpg

Feature | Ottagano Design Magazine

March 2009

A feature in the exquisite Italian Design and Architecture Magazine Ottagano.

Ottagano Design & Architecture Magazine
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