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Footwear Calendar 2022 by VSM

VSM Footwear Calendar 2022

Rallying Cry series - A double feature in the 2022 day-to-day footwear calendar, created by Virtual Shoe Museum 

Global Footwear Awards 2021

Diana 1981 - Winner in category Artistic Footwear

Diana 1977 - Honorable mention in category Artistic Footwear

Global Footwear Awards 2021
On & Beyond Exhibition

On & Beyond Exhibition

Rallying Cry series - commissioned work for a 2021 footwear exhibition in The Farm Gallery, Israel. Also showing the Diana 1981 shoe.  

Ottagano Design Magazine

Stroom Footwear - Feature in Italian Design and Architecture Magazine Ottagano

Ottagano Design & Architecture Magazine
Beijing Design Magazine

Beijing Design Magazine

Stroom Footwear - Full page feature in Beijing Design Magazine, China

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