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As a shoe designer and maker, I specialize in the creation of conceptual, artistic footwear. This allows me to explore this captivating and diverse object in relationship to gender, status and culture. In short, I tell stories through shoes.


As an extension of out body, I try to push the boundaries of what a shoe can be. Redefining not only the architecture of shoes, but also the connection we feel towards this object of desire.


Originally from Amsterdam, I am now based in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, were I studied Industrial Design at Shenkar College and worked in various disciplines in the field. The search for a more accountable approach to design led me to footwear. I immersed myself in the artisan methodology of shoemaking, learning with amazing mentors like Nina Rozin and Kobi Levi. Offering a creative alternative to fast fashion, I chose the less conventional path of wearable art.

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Behind the scenes look 

Shoe making gallery

Since 2018 I have immersed myself in the artisan methodology of shoe making. I am passionate about sharing the ins and outs of this beautiful but fading craft. For more behind the scenes, find me via email, or on Instagram and Pinterest.

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