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All Grown Up - Part 6
Material: Repurposed kids shoes / Year: 2024

Taking a different approach to footwear design, these vibrant pumps are an experiment in repurposing kids shoes, celebrating the sustainability movement.


Children rapidly grow out of their footwear, often within a few months. But unlike clothes, shoes are rarely passed down. Seeing these colorful but discarded items pile up in my own home, activated me to collect and transform them. Prolonging the life cycle of the content of our wardrobe.


This footwear is created from a combination of deconstructed children's sports shoes and new materials. After disassembly, the original pattern pieces are restored, altered and reconfigured to become a distinctive and one-of-a-kind creation. Turning it into a colorful reminder of a much loved object.

This unique handcrafted pair is available in our Shop.

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