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Deborah Kiwi sneaker art

Material: Repurposed Adidas sneakers with hand embroidery / Year: 2021

Taking a different approach to shoe design and making, this project is an experiment in repurposing footwear. As we wake up from 2020, the time feels right to reassess our consumption behavior. To breath new life in items we would normally discard, and slow down the life cycle of the content of our wardrobe.

For this project, a worn down pair of Adidas sneakers are transformed into a one of a kind summer mule. The original pattern pieces are taken apart, restored and applied in a novel way. Additionally, the original stitch work, including the 3 iconic Adidas stripes, are enhanced and combined with more spring-inspired embroidery.  Turning this classic sneaker into a product that can be used and cherished once again.

Deborah Kiwi sneaker art
adidas apart.jpg
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