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Pair of bronze leather shoe art

Diana 1997 - Diana Collection

Material: leather / Year: 2020

About the collection:

This series of three pairs of footwear, looks at Princess Diana as a symbol of innocence, worship and eventually sacrifice. Addressing our reckless attitude towards what we love most, this female icon was adored by an enchanted public. Hungry for affection, to the point of placing our protagonist in an impossible and destructive situation.

The shoes in this capsule collection place the foot in that impossible, broken position. Constantly tip toeing a fine line. It replaces balance and ease for consistent restraint and discomfort. And yet, we can’t help but wonder what it is like to walk in those shoes. Could we pull it off and how painful would it be?


About this design:

The third and final shoe is a freer, more confident and autonomous design. The soft shape of the asymmetric, shiny collar, aims to give a feminine, glamorous feeling. However, it equally plays the mournful, more ominous part of portraying the bronze, static statue that is left behind after the tragic loss of a beloved historical figure.

deborah kiwi design
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