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unique ballet flats with straps

Good Intentions
Material: Leather / Year: 2023

There is an old Yiddish saying ‘Man plans, and god laughs’. Meaning, despite our careful planning, life happens and often in unpredictable ways. This is translated into footwear, by playing with straps on an elegant, ballerina flat shoe. Straps are used to fasten and secure. Symbolic for our intended objectives. Here however the tidy straps become chaotic and disturbed. Looping under and over each other, and quickly going off track. 


In the making of this pair, the straps are carefully planned and placed like a textile design. Laid out, woven and fastened inch by inch, as depicted in the final image.

This unique handcrafted pair is available in our shop.

unique ballet flats with straps
unique ballet flats with straps
Making of ballet flats with straps
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