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deborah kiwi Front conceptual footwear

The Mask - Rallying Cry Collection

Material: leather, suede and hand-dyed lining fabric from Congo / Year: 2020

About the collection:

Inspired by the expressive art of African masks, this mini collection of three handcrafted pair of galoshes boots was commissioned work for an exhibition. 


Representing the spirits who control good and evil forces, African masks are used during ritual performances. They deliberately enhance, modify and disfigure the body of the performer. 

About this design:

Likewise, this footwear comes to life through a play on proportions. The shape and volume of the leg is simplified and exaggerated, intentionally ignoring the idealised, western notion of the female body. An unconventional silhouette in combination with the leather manipulation technique, produces a powerful image. It preserves the court shoe below and, who knows, might just deter modern day evil abuse.

Close up of conceptual footwear design
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