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Conceptual footwear design
Deborah Kiwi Conceptual footwear design on the body

The Body - Rallying Cry Collection

Material: leather, suede and hand-dyed lining fabric from Congo / Year: 2020

About the collection:

Inspired by the expressive art of African masks, this mini collection of three handcrafted pair of galoshes boots was commissioned work for an exhibition. 


Representing the spirits who control good and evil forces, African masks are used during ritual performances. They deliberately enhance, modify and disfigure the body of the performer. Likewise, this footwear comes to life through a play on proportions, intentionally ignoring the idealised, western notion of the female body.


About this design:

Hence manipulation is a common theme throughout this series of boots.  This design in particular explores adornment of the human body. From scarification and perforation to plastic surgery, humanity has embraced many forms of transformation over the ages.


These bodily alterations function as a signal to those around us, either as a display of physiological status or aesthetic preferences. By using wooden piercing tunnels in the boot, combined with multiple types of leather treatment and embellishments, this footwear translates body modification to the urban street, as a statement of female empowerment.

Detail of footwear design by Deborah Kiwi
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