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Royal Clash - part 2
Material: Repurposed jeans / Year: 2022

These high boots are an inquiry into the tug of war between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Two giants dividing the world into two large blocks and continuously meddling in each others affairs.


The first adversary with its a long, rich history and impenetrable secrets, is represented in the silhouette of the boot. The small toe and wide leg hint back to times past and traditional imperial Chinese footwear. To offset this, is the boots’ fabrication. Constructed out of denim, it symbolizes a modern age, individualism and the USA. A rival addicted to all things new, big and abundant.


Each component of this footwear is carefully crafted and manipulated by hand. The glaring, bright red sole is competing for attention with the opulent and excessive denim above, which is entirely made from repurposed jeans and elevated by a variety of techniques. Needing each other to tell a complete story, the two parts create a curious blend of East meets West, archaic meets contemporary.

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Denim boots with bright red sole
denim boots close up
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