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She footwear by Deborah Kiwi

She - Part 1
Material: Leather / Year: 2023

This footwear is a commentary on the position of women and girls in our contemporary society. It is a sad truth that in recent years the progress of women’s equality has slowed down, and in multiple countries even regressed. This work addresses the idea of the confinement of one gender. Aiming to keep them ‘in their place’ and subsequently out of power.


The design reflects that feeling of control. From the pristine, curvy back to the elongated nose, which is a nod to the straitjacket, it hints to restraining and pacifying women. The laces, asymmetrically tied, add a feeling of insanity.

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She footwear by Deborah Kiwi
She footwear by Deborah Kiwi302a.jpg
She footwear by Deborah Kiwi
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